Sunscreen Friendly Products

Here’s some news that might alarm you, but there is a solution … so keep reading:

Most sunscreens have chemical ingredients such as oxy-benzone and paragons, which according to recent studies are  known to be endocrine (hormone) disruptors.  Endocrine disruptors can act like estrogen and may contribute to hormonally mediated cancers such as breast, ovarian and prostrate cancer.  There is also evidence that they can contribute to early puberty, low sperm counts and infertility.  Disturbing news, isn’t it?

Research also demonstrates that chemical sunscreens are absorbed throughout the skin and enter the bloodstream, circulating through the entire body and have been detected in the blood, urine and breast milk up to two days after a single application!  And the same studies claim that chemical sunscreens may also be harmful to marine life.  Double ouch!!

So what to do? 

Use mineral sunscreens.  Mineral sunscreens generally use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which form a physical barrier, as these minerals “float” on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed. Mineral sunscreens are a great option to make sure you are safe in the sun.

in Harmony is developing a new product that will safely provide sun protection.  Our foundation includes zinc oxide.  When applied after our organic facial lotion, it provides a natural barrier to the sun.  There are no toxic substances entering your system.  It will be available this October 2014.

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