We Offer Support through Counseling

Sometimes you just need to talk. Sometimes you just need to be heard. That is why at in Harmony we have trained, licensed therapists who can help you navigate life’s challenges. Please know that you don’t have to struggle alone, putting on a brave smile and forcing yourself to go through the motions. We are here to help.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated … if hope and joy are eluding you … when going through the motions of every day life are a struggle, then maybe it’s time to speak to a therapist. Just give us a call. See if we can help. There is no commitment, just an opportunity for us to help guide you through what might work best for you.

Although the words counseling and therapy are taboo by some, it is really just a wonderful way to learn better coping skills, escape unhealthy patterns, establish achievable goals, and become the person you want to be.

At in Harmony, we strive to create a comfortable, therapeutic environment where a safe, collaborative relationship between you and your counselor can be established. The relationship built between you and your therapist is one of honesty and professionalism that provides a wonderful objective perspective and the ability to examine issues, set goals and work together to achieve your desired outcome.

We provide services to individuals, couples, and families for a variety of issues, as well as an infertility support group.


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